An Introduction to Chesneys Solid Fuel Stove Collection


Over the past quarter of a century Chesneys has created a range of hand carved fire surrounds that are widely recognised as the finest in the world. This reputation has been achieved by a rigorous and uncompromising commitment to the finest craftsmanship and integrity of design.

Now, following an exhaustive programme of research and development, Chesneys is manufacturing a unique range of wood burning stoves that employ the very latest technology to deliver outstanding levels of efficiency with minimal emissions.

But a stove should be more than an efficient heating appliance. It should be a significant element in the design of a room and its main focus when lit. Chesneys has produced a range of stoves that incorporate traditional, retro and contemporary styles and which display a design aesthetic and degree of sophistication that is entirely unique in the world of stoves.

Classic Fireplaces Ltd is very pleased to be an Approved Agent for Chesneys.

A lifestyle choice

A wood burning stove will allow you to heat your home using a genuinely renewable and natural fuel in the most efficient way possible to provide maximum heat with the minimum of emissions.


Environmentally friendly

The burning of wood makes sound environmental sense whereas fossil fuel energy reserves such as oil, gas and coal are finite and their use causes climate change. A healthy tree produces oxygen by absorbing carbon dioxide from the air. 

During the combustion process, the wood will produce the same amount of carbon dioxide as it absorbed during its growth, meaning that the process is wholly carbon neutral. Burning wood will also produce no more carbon dioxide than would be released by a tree that is left to decay naturally.


Effective source of heat   

An open fire loses a substantial proportion of the heat that it generates through the chimney and pulls large volumes of air out of the room. When an open fire isn’t in use it continues to draw air up the chimney draining warmth from the home and creating draughts.

By contrast a stove is capable of achieving an efficiency rating of up to 85% when in use, eliminating the heat loss that results from an open fireplace and when not in use, it will prevent heat from escaping up the chimney.


Economical and beautiful

Traditional energy sources can no longer be relied on to provide a stable and fairly priced supply. Using a wood stove to heat a room offers the opportunity to exercise some degree of independence from the large utilities and to benefit from a heat source that can be far more economical.

Heating your home with a stove will provide warmth that no other energy source can equal.The flame patterns that a stove will create are captivating, constantly changing and will bring a welcoming and heart warming presence to any room.